Saturday, May 14, 2016

3 boys x trampolin

Aki, Lucius and Milo have been growing us together since they were little.
They love each other and Milo regards them as his best buddies.
Although he could not hang out with them as much as he used to anymore,
but he always had so much fun whenever they could see each other.
Today, Milo went to G6 with them and enjoyed their trampoline.

Those 3 videos showed each boy's character pretty well:

Ronan's birthday party

We were invited to Ronan's birthday party at Lumberyard.

It was Milo's first time to ride the bike on the obstacle course,
but he loved it.

Happy Birthday!

Thank you for having us.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

high hive?!

 Silas, did you just miss the high five with snoop!?

Away Days video premier

Yuri took a flight without the kids, and arrived at LA.
This was my first night away from both of th kids

for this!!!

She wanted to celebrate Silas's great accomplishment.

Right before the premier, this arrived in LA too.
This has 3.5 years of hard works of everybody...

People who had had lots of being away from their family,
were not only the riders...
A big hight five to Matt.

Here we come.
Look at all those people.

It's the party time.

And the show was started!

Oh wait!!!!!!!!

Two legends on the stage.

Then they welcomed all the ridders!

Oh my goodness, there were a lot!


The words cannot express how much we were proud of those guys.

And we ran into our old friend.

At the end...the video was amazing and I was so proud of Silas and all other people
who dedicated their last 3 years into this!
Good job, Silas.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Owl Tree at Tryon park

It's the season when Owls come back to Tryon Park,
so we hiked to the "Owl Tree" to see if we could spot them.


Two of them together!!!!!!

We just love the forest so much.

Monday, May 9, 2016

the boy's trip

Milo and Silas went to the boy's fishing trip.

Oh of course, Kip was there too.

Now Milo can fish on his own!
Even when he decides to take breaks,
 he is aways so easy and self entertained with his creativity and imagination.

What a awesome fishing partner he is!!