Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

We went to have dim sum with those boys just like last year.

Then, Milo started taking a nap really late,
and did not want to wake up for the count down.
Therefore, we put him into his pj and said "night night."
So, this was going to be a last photo of 2013.

Yeah right!
He did not let his parent have private count down.

So, we did count down all together :)
Happy New Year!

And then, he was totally awake!!!!


Friday, December 27, 2013

tree house

We made the tree house in Maricara park bigger and more cozy!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Dinner

We had fun and yummy Christmas dinner with APAK.

The party continued to the bath tub too.

About 4 hours before the party...
Yuri made a sponge cake for a Christmas Swiss roll,

Milo and Silas decorated it.

They might put too much fruits on the cake
and inside Milo.


Hello Santa!

Christmas walk

It was so nice outside and lighting was very beautiful.

Quiche making

Grampa Jay used to make quiche on Christmas day,
so now that Silas is a papa, he has continued this tradition.

This year Milo was able to help out

First he rolled out the dough...

Next he chopped up the veggies...

While we pre-baked the crust,

he mixed in the eggs and all the rest of the ingredients...

Then, he put the mixture in the crusts...

Smiled with anticipation of how yummy they are going to be...

Stuck them in the oven and hungrily waited...

Milo was so excited that we was able to eat his own quiche that he had made for himself

He told Mama Yuri all about it

and chowed down...

Thanks Grampa Jay for the yummy tradition.

Christmas Miracle!

Christmas Morning arrived, and our stockings were full!

And there were lots of presents beneath our tree
(It seemed that all of us have been such good boys and girls this year!!)

Milo was so excited about this Christmas miracle.

Everyone found great surprises in their stockings...

Even Kip!

Milo was more excited about Kip's toy, though.

We had a short break to eat some christmas fruit cake.
(thank you Sam!)

After Milo got a yogurt face,

it was time to open more presents

Silas was so serious building this fishing playmobil.

Milo got a Cypress wood fishing pole

A wheelbarrow just the right size for Milo to help out with the yard work
(and to deliver some present to his parents).

Baby Girl got a cute hat from GGMS that milo modeled for us.

Thank you Elba for the toddler control....
(for our "out of control" wild kid)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

As our Christmas Eve tradition,
we went to Eugene for a potluck at Baba Rita's house.
But before we headed there...
Milo and his Papa made a pie together.

The Baxter sisters were cozy on the couch and so happy that Susie could visit us again

It's so nice to spend time with all of these lovely people 

Baba had a new toy for milo to play with,
 and he would not put it down all night.
It was a police car with buttons, one button made a siren noise,
one button made it go forward and one button made Rasta sounding party music,
so we called it the party police car!

Manitou found a friend at the party....

Milo took off his sweater and shirt,
and showed off his muscles.

We opened some presents, and all the boys got fun toys and books.

August had so much fun playing with Kip and Susie,
 who kept smiling all night long even on the dog bed.

Fun times flew by, and it was time to go home.
 One last high five for susie...