Saturday, August 31, 2013

over the Roney's

We went over to the Roney's.
Milo had missed Ace a lot,
and they started playing together soon after they saw each other. 

Hunter is so big too and he played with them too.

After al kids played in their backyard, in the house, and at the park,
they started doing the slip and slide as well.

Milo played all day long!

Photo from last year

Yuri's friend Yoko sent her some photos w took in japan almost a year ago.

We all have changed a lot within the year,
especially Milo of course.

Friday, August 30, 2013

boys night out

Milo joined the boys night out for Nick's birthday (with his mama).

There are Milo's buddies.

He ate well just like big boys.

Happy birthday Nick!

Oh, Milo had his first bite of cheese cake behind his mama.
Oh boy...

father and son

Silas hung out with Jay in Seattle during his Adidas trip

banana slug

Look at how big he was.
Milo was very interested in him.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Isetan Catalog

We just received the kids clothing catalog for Isetan (Japanese department store).
All photos were shot at our house and in our neighborhood.

Our house looked really nice and we felt like "oh, we would like to live in such a house!"

Kip was in the photo too.

AND, Mr. Milo!

It was wonderful experience and we were happy to have the catalog as precious memory!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

mini Silas

He started trying this on his own and made it at his second try!
Look at his smile at the end :)

When Milo tries to do something 
like doing some tricks with his skateboard, riding on his bike over a ledge or tumbling, 
he keeps trying it until he makes it, no matter how many time he falls down.
Once he make it, he keep doing it even more.
His those attitudes impress us a lot.
Good job, son.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Johnson Creek park

Milo, Lucius and Aki had not played all together for a while
and they had missed each other a lot.
Today they did their reunion at Johnson Creek Park.
It turned really hot, so they got into the river and played hard.
(Of course, Lucius and Milo took off their clothing too!)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Tryon Park again

We are so so lucky to have Tryon Creek park close to our house
because we can easily go to a walk and play like this:

and can practice bike riding like this:

Sunday, August 25, 2013

gifts from our garden

Our first pears will be ready pretty soon.
We planted this pear tree for Milo when he was born,
so those pears mean a lot to us. 

Also, look at those beautiful onions!!

Those are true luxury for us.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

train ride with baba Rita

Milo took a special summer train ride of Oregon Pacific Railroad 
with baba Rita and his mom.
The train ran along the Willamette River through Oaks Bottom Refuge 
to east Portland near OMSI and back.

It was a little chilly on the train, but Milo enjoyed his warm and cozy ride like this.

He did not like the loud whistle so much.

There was Oregon Rail Heritage center (museum for Portland three famous locomotives) 
right next to the northern station, so we visited there too.

Milo was stoked to be there, but at the same time he was scared at the big trains too.
He enjoyed looking at the trains as long as we kept certain distance from them.
He was freaked out when we were close to the trains or tried to touch them.
Interesting, huh?

On the way back, Milo was overly concerned with the loud whistle, 
and he had covered his ears from the beginning...

Although Milo did not like the loud whistle (yes, it was actually really really loud!)
and was scared at the big trains,
he seemed to have so much fun that he cannot stop talking about it now.

Friday, August 23, 2013


Milo asked me to take a photo of his dinosaur tattoo.

Tryon park

We went to Tryon park for a walk and a picnic with Lucius.
Lucius and Milo took turns to hold Kip's leash.
Kip tends to pull his leash when adults have him,
but he is really good with kids and he walks in their speed.

Of course, the boys found lots of natural play structure and had fun there.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Milo visited Oregon zoo with Charlie and George.


It was so hard to take photo of Milo, Charlie, and a giraffe all together.

Charlie and his family had to take off earlier,
but Milo wanted to stay there forever. 

Then, we ran into Silas's cosine and his family.
(August is Milo's second cosine?)

Milo loved all animal there and showed interests in them.

He liked not only the wrinkled bear

but also painted ones.

He even loved those gates!
(Oh yeah, he played there for a long time...)

Oregon zoo is pretty big and simply a nice place to walk around.
Maybe we should get zoo memberships next year :)