Saturday, October 31, 2015

Mystery walk

We all dressed in white and went to Halloween Mystery Walk at Jean's farm

as the ghosts!

The mini ghost #1.

The mini ghost #2.

We joined Ms April's mystery tour.

We walked around Jean's farm and met lots of peoples/creatures.

At each stop, they received small tresures.

It was nice to see that the kids had no idea who they were talking to
(although they were their teaches).

Sometime, it was so easy to figure out who they actually were...

But still all kids had so much fun.

So did their parents:)

Keenan really liked the roasted pumpkin seeds.

Yum yum.



Habby Halloween.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

the puddle jumper

Everyday, Keena goes to Milo's school to drop Milo off.
And on the way back to the car,
she enjoyed jumping in the puddles.

That's why she needs to wear rain gears and boots for the drop offs.

5 minutes after waking up

Both children were all aboard.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Monday, October 26, 2015

fishing trip

We went to the family Salmon fishing trip to "our spots".
It was raining, so we had to put the full rain gears.

Now Milo can cast and reel in on his own.

Keenan seemed to have interests in,

so we let er try to fish too.

However, mostly the kids played happily at the beach,

tried to catch us

and jumped in the puddles.

Although at the end, it was really raining,

it wainscot to be at the river with each other.

While Silas and Yuri were struggling to catch a salmon,
Milo calmly told them
"I think I got a fish."
And sure he did.

Silas did not "fish" this salmon,
but he could snag it.

But that gave Keena a big smile. 

We did not get any luck for catching salmons,
so we took a lunch (in rain) and took off.

Milo had his desert (bugger...)
while Kip was relaxing in the car.

On the way back, we stopped by a couple of spots to pick up other ingredients.


How about here?


We were happy that we could bring at least mushrooms.

After this, we had a little scary experience.
While we were still in the woods, we started hearing lots of gun shooting sounds.
People were playing with their gun in the woods,
but oh we did not like that...
Milo was super scared at the power of gun,
and we were singing songs all the way back to the car to cheer him up.
However, at the same time, 
it was a great opportunity for us to teach him how powerful guns were
and why we did not like (like to pretend playing with) guns.