Thursday, December 31, 2015

new year's eve beach trip

As our New Year's eve tradition,
we went to the beach to see the last sunset of the year. 

It was such a beautiful day

and Milo was so so so excited to be there
and it did not take a long for him to get wet...

He was non-stop!

On the other hand, Keena was unsure about the beach...

especially about the waves, and she did not want to let go Silas's hands.

Of course, Kip was happy to be there too.
Milo and Kip had some boys talk:)

Milo and Keena have such strong sense of wonder,
and they are always filled with unlimited curiosity.

For them,
most the natural objects easily turned into their play structures.

Simply, everything was so peaceful
and we felt so happy to have each other in our lives.

This beautiful light made us realize that.

Then, Yuri ran into the deers, and felt something special.

Now, we will enjoy watching the last sunset of the year.

The sun was getting lower and lower.

Thank you for warming us all the year, and see you next year!

Bye bye beach.
It's time to go home.

hanging chair

We gave Keena this hanging "Cocoon" chair for Christmas,
and she loves it!!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

frog lake snow fun

It has been snowing up mountain, 

so we went there for some sledding.

We had had a hard time to find a perfect steep hill

but it was just so fun to play on the snow!