Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Japan trip recap

We have posted our Japan trip reports little by little, but it's all on now.
Please check out the old posts dated between Dec 28 and Jan 18.
Thank you for following the dots...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snow bunnies

Finally, Milo's parents made it to the mountain!
Thank you Rita for babysitting Milo:)

Monday, February 27, 2012

a boy in a box

Today we received this boy in a box.

Where is the instruction manual?

What is the exchange policy?

He is the keeper though!

Milo looked like...

a grumpy old man chilling with his dog...

an afternoon walk

Today was really warm and beautiful day,
and Silas took 2 boys to a walk in this afternoon.

elephant boy

where are you going on the elephant?

Sunday brunch

Milo went out for the Sunday brunch with grandpa Jay and tio Leland.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

miso making

We wanted to try this for a long time,
but we finally made our homemade miso!

- miso making process -

1) soak soy beans in water overnight - they will be abut doubled in size

2) cook soy beans in water until they are soft enough
to smash easily with your fingers

3) grind them when they are hot

like this much

4) while the soy beans are still hot,
mix them with koji and sea salt

with your hands...
hot! hot!

5) prepare the miso container - wash, sterilize, and put salt on the bottom

6) make balls with miso and throw them into the container

so that you won't put lots of air into miso.

7) once you put all miso in to the container,
put some salt and a red pepper on the top

8) cover the top surface, and put a weight on the top
- the weight should be about as heavy as the miso

9) keep the container in cool and dark space for 6 months or so.

We cannot wait to eat miso soups with handmade miso!

daddy daycare

While mamas were making miso
(and mostly chit-chatting...),
Aaron and Silas were killing it to operate the daddy daycare...

Monday, February 20, 2012

after party...

at 4 am...
at the Timberline lodge (with no soundproof walls)...
Milo decided to have an after party!

If Milo starts to have a party in the middle of night,
as his parents, we are supposed to convince Milo to go back to sleep,
but most of the time,
he was so cute that we could not stop Milo from having fun...

This time, Milo had a party in the bathroom!!!

Hey Milo, it was too much...

my girl

Milo: Hey Chloe, can you hug?
Chloe: Hug? What are you talking about? Hahahaha.

Milo: I'm just joking. Hahahahaha.

Chloe: Yes, I can hug.
Milo: .....

Chloe: Just kidding.
Milo: Oh...