Tuesday, May 31, 2011

milo + kip

this is how they play together...

so much interaction is going on...

jump jump jump

Sunday, May 29, 2011


it is really nice to have friends who grow up together

Friday, May 27, 2011

debut in society

We went to the open house for Tara's new clinic.
Congratulations Tara!

Milo's favories

Milo's recent favorites:
1) grabbing his toes
2) sticking his tongue out
3) wearing "mini ninja" onesie

Thursday, May 26, 2011


One day, when I woke up, Milo was being a good boy and reading a book.

Yeah, reading a book, pretty seriously...
which book are you reading, Milo?

"Fishing in Oregon"
Yes, he is our son!
Later the day, he looked so bummed because his dad took his book...

Olympic Trials

enjoy Milo's 30 seconds synchronized swimming performance

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We went to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry).
There were lots of cool active learning sections.

- Built your own water power system -

- launched a water rocket -

- Played with a curved mirror -

-Designed a skate park -
Did Milo enjoy there?????
His parents did for sure!!!!!!

Another Adventure

Our friend Yasubi came to visit us from SF, and we went to a hike to Triple Falls in Columbia River Gorge. Milo was awake most the time and enjoyed the "OMG, greens are everywhere!" moments with us. This hike was really really beautiful and the waterfalls were stunning.
Also, he experienced his first outdoor diaper change... Is he ready to go camping?!

* BTW, Milo looks HUGE in this picture...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

family portrait

Ken, thank you for the pictures and it was nice to see you.

Friday, May 20, 2011


This is late update but...
May 5th is Japanese "Children's Day."
It is mostly for boys while the "Girls' Day" is March 3rd.

For boys, their first Children's Day is really special, and people celebrate it all together.
As the special gift for Milo's first Children's Day, Milo's Japanese Jiji and Baba (grandpa and grandma) sent "Koinobori" to Milo from Japan.

Oh, what is "Koinobori"....?

Koinobori, meaning “carp streamer” in Japanese, are carp-shaped wind socks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate the Children’s Day. These wind socks are made by drawing carp patterns on paper, cloth or other non-woven fabric. They are then allowed to flutter in the wind. Landscapes across Japan are decorated with koinobori in honor of sons and in the hope that they will grow up healthy and strong, and they will be very successful in their future.

A koinobori set consists of, from the top of the pole down, a pair of arrow-spoked wheels with a ball-shaped spinning vane, flying-dragon streamer that looks like a windsock, a black koinobori and a red koinobori. If more boys are in the household, an additional blue, green and then purple koinobori are added. Originally, the biggest black koinobori symbolized the father, the next biggest red symbolized the eldest son and ranging down to the smallest carp for the youngest son. However, lately people have said that the biggest one is for the father, the next biggest on is for the mother, and the small ones are for children, and the whole set of Kionobori symbolize one happy family. (I like the new way better!)

Anyway, we have had the Koinobori outside of our house and enjoyed seeing a Kionobori family swimming up in air.

Happy 1st Children's Day, Milo and thank you Jiji & Baba for the amazing gift!

wife beater

Milo got his first one on!
He is a man now!!!

Lookin' tough!
Not Really??


It was amazing that it was warm enough to have BBQ at night.
(and it was warm enough to eat ice cream at night!)

Spring is here!

- some pictures from our yard -