Thursday, October 31, 2013

trick or treat?!

We went for Milo's first trick or treat!
First, Milo took some photos with our neighbors in their cool costumes.

Next, we went to Woodstock Community Center to meet up with our friends
and took a family photo.
Here's The Baxter-Haloween-Neal family.

Milo's costume was a big hit and some random people asked us to take a picture with him:)

Then, we got on the street for some trick or treat!!!

We thought the boys would hesitate knocking the doors,
but they were so into it even without their parents.

They knocked the doors saying "trick or treat?"
put 1 candy each in their baskets,
said "thank you" and "happy Halloween" all by themselves
and came back to their parents.

We do not usually walk around the town in dark,
so it was simply exciting and fun experience for Milo,

especially with his friends.

After a dinner, we went to Davis Graveyard on Johnson Creek,
where we could see some crazy house decorations 
and zombi performances on the closed off street.

Wow, we had so much fun!

Milo got sooooooooo many candies!
Will he eat all of them????

The next day, Milo was happy to trade his candy basket to the new basket
with a ball, crazy strews, banana muffins, orange, 
and pumpkin cookies which he even baked.

What a good boy:)
(And his parents got sugar high...)

a pile of leaves

Everywhere can be Milo's play space.

pumpkin cookies

We made some pumpkin cookies for Halloween!

Monday, October 28, 2013

school report

Milo played with ice cubes at his school today.
They watched the process of ice melting and got some treasures in the ice.

They did other crafts too.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

full of colors

We went to Maricara park and collected all these beautiful leaves.
They added nice colors to our house.

pumpkin carving

We carved our pumpkins,
and Milo tried to do his too.

This year, all our pumpkins were Milo's favorite things.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Story walk

We went to Mother Earth School (where Milo used to have his nature playgroup)
for their Halloween story walk event.

We were all dressed up.
A preppy fox and goat, and an owl.

Milo could blend it pretty well in this family too.

When we were waiting for the walk to start,
all birds enjoyed their bird talks.

Then, the wooly bear showed up.
He asked us one important question he was wondering:
"where does the hot sun go in the dark cold winter?"
And we decided to find out the answer with him.

We walked around the farm trying to ask the question to somebody.

We came across a fisherman,

and asked the question.

The fisherman told us that the sun won't go away and it stays in the water with fishes,
and gave us bubbles so that we could talk to fishes.

We kept walking and met these people next.

They told us that sun stays in the milk and honey.

Milo got a honey stick from them.

The preppy goat had some quality time with his family.

Our journey continued, and we met the scarecrow,
who told us the sun stayed in fire and shared his roasted pumpkin seeds with us.

The raccoon said the sun stayed in the acorns and trees

and taught us how to crack the acorns.

The night fairy gave us the little drops of sun (glass breads)
and shared her stars with us.

The elf said the sun stayed in the songs and our hearts
and gave us some bells.

After he sang a song for us,

we all walked back through the forest.

Seriously, this was such a great event for Milo and even his parents.
We all enjoyed it a lot.

The owl played in the bushes on the way back to his car...

as well as this bird.