Sunday, August 31, 2014


Silas broke his elbow at Newburg skate park 14 years ago,
and he had not been back there since then.
Today, he went back there and skated this again.
We are so proud of you:)  Haha.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Today's Keena

being cute at the breakfast table

being cute and quiet in the car seat...

playing football

with auntie Geri.

Alaska to table

Thank you Susie!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Harper's playground

We played with Charlie and George at Harper's playground.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Today Milo draw "faces" for the first time instead of jet lines and circles.
This was a face for Mr. Trent, milo's new teacher, who had the home visit today.
(He came to visit us to play with Milo at home today.
By doing so, it will be easier and more comfortable 
for Milo to start his new school with him.)

And this is papa (yellow) and mama (blue) holding hands.

O my god… we will frame it:)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lonesome Lake camping day3 - Mt. Rainier

Before we were driving back home,
we stopped by the viewpoint again to see Mt. Rainier again.
The top was not covered today, and it was a wonderful view.

So, we took some family photos!


Lonesome Lake camping day3 - day

It was a hot day again, and Milo and Silas took a full of advantage of it.


So did Kip.

Sometime they parked the boat, and Milo swam around.

He was really good.

Then they got back on the boat...

After we cooked the lunch

ate it,

we made the wooden boat with the marshmallow man,

and played with the slingshot.

We packed our car and were ready to drive off.
Then mama realized the really important thing!!!!!!
For the last three days, she had a good time, but she did not even get in the water!!!!!!
So, we went bak the water 

and had the extra fun moments.

We were all more satisfied at our trip now.

Lonesome Lake camping day3 - morning

Soon after Milo woke up, he went to blueberry picking with papa.

They were put in the biscuet dough

and cooked over the fire.

In the meantime, Keena was so happy in the tent

looking at Milo.

morning light was so nice, and we could not stop taking pictures of this happy girl.

Milo was acting like an elephant and running around the campsite

and got hungry.

It ended up a blueberry cake (kinda)

but it was yummy.

What a special morning!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Lonesome Lake camping day2 - afternoon to evening

In the afternoon, 
we left our campsite and headed to the view point of Mt. Rainier.

Along the way, there were so many wild blueberries.

They were a little sour, but it was nice picking and eating them.

We kept walking and walking, but we could not get the viewpoint…
So, Silas went bak the campground and drove back.

We were glad that we drove there at the end
because it was much farther than we were told originally.
(It was no way for Milo to walk there)

Also, it was too cloudy to watch the whole mountain…
It was still a great view, though.

Then, we went bak to our camp.
During this camp, Milo was such a helpful camper.
Seriously, he helped papa and mama 
and did whatever he could before they asked him to do.

Milo was so mini Silas:)

When it gets cooler, we fished a little bit.

What did I say earlier?
Milo was so mini Silas!

We all enjoyed our private lake a lot.

After the dinner, Milo had his first roasted marshmallow.

It bought a fire

but he liked it.