Monday, July 30, 2012


A little Penny and Milo

concert in the park

Portland has lots of concerts in the neighborhood parks everyday through the summer.
We went to the one at the sellwood park with the Eberly's.

Honestly, we were talking and playing too hard to listen to the music, 
but we had such a fun and relaxing summer evening.
It was great to see them and meet their newest family member, June.

summer greeting 2012

We hope you are enjoying the summer as much as we do
from the Baxter-Neal's

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Milo was feeding some apples to the chickens at Cecelia's yard

Saturday, July 28, 2012

kids + water = ??

What happened when 2 kids figured out how to turn the water on...

1)  they took a shower

2) all of sudden they got thirsty

3) the old one showed how to drink it

4) the younger one tried to drink it too

5) he got so wet instead

6) he found more fun

7) he got dirty

8) and dirtier

9) finally he realized that his mama was watching him...

kids + water = mama's extra works!

it's a show time!

At the party, there was even a magic show!

woo hoo!  Silas was so excited.
(Milo was kept on his shoulder so that he won't escape.)

The show continued...

Oh no, the monster got released...
In a huge park, Milo decided to play on a little spot of dirt 
right in the middle of the show.

And Kip was really really enjoyed the show too.

So, mama Yuri had to take her two kids away from the show...

The show continued...

We all enjoyed the show;-)

Mio's new toy

Now everything can be Milo's toy...
Today's toy was... Leland's crutches.

Crutches might be fun to play with but we hope Milo will never need to use them.
Both his parents used to be bestfriends with crutches though...

second cousin

Milo hung out with his second cousin August.

They were interested in each other...

We asked Milo to give August a kiss,
and this was how he did it.
He opened his mouth first and got closer and closer...
(and August was waiting and waiting..)

and kissed!


Tom's birthday party

We drove down to Eugene to celebrate Silas's uncle Tom's 50th birthday.
We ate lots of good food and had nice family time.

Happy Birthday Tom!

Milo in his car seat

Why was he so psyched to be in his car seat??