Saturday, May 31, 2014

Rose festival parade

We went to see the Rose festival parade.
Celeste took the great spots for us and Milo was so excited to play on the street too.

Before the parade, there was the marathon,
and Milo was fascinated by interesting runners.

And the parade started.

Seriously, all night long,
Milo was partying!!!!!

He LOVED it!!!! 

tummy time

Keena was enjoying her tummy time this morning,

and Yuri made this to see if she still looks like Milo at the similar age.

Peninsula park playground

Milo played at the Peninsulas park playground with tio Leland

Friday, May 30, 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014

happy girl

Keena has been smiling a lot and "talking" a lot!
Her smile (of course Milo's too) makes us happy so easily.

tryon walk

We went to Tryon park for a walk.
It was warm and everything was so green.

Milo is always pretty good at finding his play spots along the trail

as well as natural toys.

Keena was awake most the time and looked around from the carrier.

We are so lucky to have this park in our neighborhood.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ivor's BD

Happy Birthday Ivor!

Wow, look at these hungry big boys...

They played really well.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Multnomah county fair

We took Milo to a mystery trip.
Today's destination was…
Oaks Park!!!

Multnomah county fair was going on, and we enjoyed extra activities.
We watched a magic show,

petted the sheep,

and fed the baby cows

while Keena was sleeping.

Then, Milo drove the motorcycle,

got on the balloon,

and the ship with papa who was more excited...

while Keena was sleeping...

At the end, they enjoyed the magic mirror too.

Oh, hi!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

skate park

He is such a rider!

Milo at 10 years old?!

Some time, Milo looks like much older than 3 yeas old.


Milo has great imagination, which reflect his pure and sweet heart.

One day, we saw an osprey flying with a squirrel in his claws.

Milo: "Look! The osprey gives the squirrel a ride!"
Papa: "Where do you think the osprey is taking him to?"
Milo: "His house!!"

What a nice osprey!!!

Today, when we went outside, Milo said "he needs a tram ride."
Who is he?????

Then, we saw this:

Also, guess what Milo said when he saw a statue like this...

Milo: "can I give him a high five?"

We love him!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Keena's Okuizome

May 22nd was 100th day after Keena's birth, so Keena dressed up nice
and we had her "Okuizome."

We explained this about 3 years ago, but...

Okuizome is a Japanese traditional ceremony 
held on either 100th, 110th or 120th day after the baby's birth.
We cerebrate this day with hopes that baby will never suffer 
from lack of foods throughout her/his life.
We prepare a special meal for the ceremony
 and make the baby pretend to eat it as their first meal.

The special meal included...
Osekihan (red bean rice): typical celebration rice
osuimono (soup):  for our wishes that the baby will have a strong jaw
other dishes:  for our wishes that the baby will eat a well balanced diet

a tai fish (red snapper): typical celebration fish
a umeboshi   (pickled plum): for our wishes of that our baby will live long
(umeboshi was symbolized "long life" because it looks like a wrinkled face)
and 3 stones: for our wishes that the baby's teeth will be strong enough to break them 

OK, let's start the ceremony!


Keena needed this first...

So we ate first,

And started over!

Are you excited at your first meal?!

She pretended to eat everything.

She even ate her own hand...

now the ceremony was done,
but we always wish for health and happiness for you throughout our lives!