Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve

After the dim sum lunch, all kids took a nap...
and came over to our place to play together.

While mamas were getting ready for a dinner,

All boys played a lot!

Milo gave Saori a skate lesson.

The kids had a dinner first

and went back playing.

Oh wait, Milo was still eating...

He ate A LOT!

It's all (fake) documented.

Then, they played more.

We invented a new game.
Skate Bowling!

Milo's turn.

Take 2



All kids played hard.

I mean...  they played HARD!

These were all mamas who did amazing job in the year of 2012.

When they tried to take photos with their kids, this usually happened...

It's just not gonna happen...

At least Milo and Yuri got one photo together:)

We were so glad to share a wonderful New Year's eve with wonderful people.

Have a Happy New Year!!!

dim sum lunch

We were going to go a beach on New Year's Eve,
but we had to change our plan due to the bad weather...
Then we decided to go to get some dim sum with
Aki's family and Lucius's family.
Dim Sum place are great place to go with other family with kids.
Dim Sum places usually have lots of people and noise, 
so we can blend in well and three wild kids do't stand out so much ;)
Also, more people, more flavors!

Oh my god, the boys were crazy about those fishtanks.

Milo's new habits in the dark

Recently, he has asked to take our photos in the dark
when he goes to bed. 

Also, he asked mama to wear her hood,
and asked her to put a hat on Milo too.
Then, at the end, he asked for some photo shooting.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

snack monster

We went for a hike to Tryon park.
Milo has been a snack monster, and he was eating rice cakes during half of the hike.