Sunday, April 29, 2012


Milo likes sitting on the big boy chair.

yard work

We finally got some vegetables and planted them in our garden beds.

While Silas and Yuri were working,
Milo was cruising around the backyard with the stick for throwing a  ball for Kip.

We finally harvested gobo,
which we planted last summer.

Milo loved the gobo leaves.

Oh, we put the 'koinobori" again for the upcoming boy's day too.

Our yard started looking good!
We will post some updates soon.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Milo loves this song called "picnic" - one of the kids songs with hand motions
He tries to copy the movements,
and always says "yay" at the end with raising his arms.

a little gardener

Milo was helping Silas fixing rocks on our driveway 

He worked so hard.

So he got a little tired
and needed some rest under the tree :)

Milo the little helper

Friday, April 27, 2012

Now Cirque du Spleil is performing OVO in Portland,

Silas and Yuri loves their performance,
so they decided to see the show.

They asked Josh to babysit Milo.
He is really good with kids
and Milo likes to hang out with him.

But ... 


You could wear other t shirt...
Milo had a good time with Josh and Mr. Charlie Sheen.

By the way, the OVO was really outstanding.
Highly recommended to see!!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baxter-Neal's daycare

Since APAK watched Milo yesterday,
the Baxter-Neal's babysat Aki today.

Aki missed his mamma and started crying...
Oh no, what should we do!?

So, we took him for a walk,

and got this smile!

Then we had fun lunch.

Yum yum.

Milo shared his toys with him.

By 1:30...
both babies were out!

Yay, we are the super baby sitters!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

APAK daycare

Ayumi and Aaron (a.k.a. APAK) babysat Milo today.
Did Milo miss his mom?
He must have!

Oh, wait...
look at his face!!!!

He made a new friend.

He enjoyed the swing. 

He played with the tube.

He took a walk to the organic farm.

He said hi to chickens.

He rode a bike.

He tried to learn skateboarding (to surprise his papa).

He made Aaron tired.

Thank you guys, Milo had a blast!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

what's up with Milo

Milo is a little over 15 months old now.
He is growing a lot day by day, mentally and physically.
We are often surprised at how much stuff he is capable to do.
Milo's actions and noise always brings our faces a big smile.

For our record, I, Yuri, would like to list up what he is up to lately.
This list has some random stuff, and they are in no particular order.

This list is really long, so please don't bother yourself by reading them
if you don't have lots of interests in Milo;) 

Here we go!

  • sign language he can do: "please" "milk" "all done" and "more" - yes, all about eating
  • words he can say: "hot (both in Eng and Jap)" "up" "hi" and "yey (when we sing)"
  • he call Kip "Ki"
  • he says "mama" only when he is fussy
  • he wakes up around 8am, takes 1h nap around 2pm,  and goes to bed around 9:30pm
  • he loves throwing balls and sticks to Kip
  • he feeds Kip and he is pretty good at "sharing" his food with Kip
  • he just loves Kip a lot
  • first thing he does every moning is moving to Kip's bed and jumping on it 
  • he likes drinking water by his own
  • sometime he holds a cup of water and makes me to drink it
  • after drinking water, he sighs deeply with saying "ah..."
  • he gives us high 5
  • he likes pointing - mostly he points things he wants, but he points Kip when I ask him where Kip is
  • he waves his hands a lot - for meaning of bye bye, good night, and no more.
  • in stores, he loves being in a shopping cart and saying "hi" to other people
  • he does "bye bye" to my boob when he done nursing
  • he does "bye bye" to his poop and pee when we flash them
  • his potty training is still in progress
  • he has had really bad diaper rash - poor guy...
  • he loves stairs - now he can go up and down small stairs by himself 
  • his current favorite toys are wood train to ride, balls, books he can play music with, wood sticks, and maracas
  • he brings books he wants me to read and sit on my lap
  • when I ask him what kitty says, he says "ah-on"
  • his current most favorite food is tofu - it was broccoli and nori for a long time
  • he always makes me to wear my slippers. - he freaks out when I refuse it (even in the bed..)
  • he makes Silas to wear his hat if it is on the floor
  • he picks littler and brings them to us
  • he likes to open the drawers in the kitchen and make a mess 
  • he likes to clean up his mess 
  • if I ask him to bring stuff or put stuff away, with some gestures, he can follow my request
  • he claps his hands and sways to music
  • he loves bath and can scrub his body - only his belly though
  • he jumps when I say "1.2.3 jump!"
  • he loves being outside
  • he can play by himself or with kip for a long time while I do some garden works
  • he loves trowing stuff including balls, rocks, toys, water bottle, and food he doesn't want to eat
  • he rises his hand when I read a train book about people make the train stop by rising their hands
  • he likes puppet - his current favorite one is koala bear
  • he likes doing skype as well as watching himself in some video clips - we don't have tv
  • I hang his laundry to dry, but he moves them from the drying rack to the dryer
  • he doesn't like to wear his apron or hat
  • he likes picking flowers especially dandelions
  • he says hi and waves to my cell phone when I am on the phone with Silas 
  • he loves being chased
  • when I do down dog during my yoga, he comes under me and chill there
  • his hair is super curly
  • his eyes are still grey/hazel/kinda blue
  • he has the Harry Potter scar on his forehead
  • he likes hanging out with older kids including adults acting like kids
  • he is strong and energetic - he is non stop
  • blah blah blah...
  • there are so many things about Milo and I cannot stop listing them up...

love you, Milo!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunny Sunday

We had a hot summer-like weather today.

Under the gorgeous sunshine,
Milo was....
eating tofu on Tonya's lap :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

baby + water = troubles!

Why do they like water so much!?

Milo, don't drink water from the sprinkler...

Earth Day Eve

On Saturday, we were blessed with such a good weather,
and those 3 boys could enjoy being outside
aka being wet and dirty!

We were so so happy that finally we got those weather.
Just perfect timing for Earth Day!
Milo, respect the mama-earth!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

pretty impressed!

The "S" shaped hook, which we use for hanging kitchen towels,
has been missing today.
After the dinner, Yuri tried to find it but could not find it.
When Yuri asked Milo if he knew where it was,
Milo was at the end of the kitchen.
Yuri asked him again with showing another hook.
Then Milo started waking all way across the kitchen,
opened a drawer, and pointed inside of it.

Yes! The hook was there!!!

Of course, Milo was the one who put it there originally,
but the whole incident supprised Yuri a lot.
First of all, Milo understood that
Yuri was looking for the hook and asked him where.
Then, he remember where he put it a while ago.
Also, he could navigate Yuri to the place.

The drawer seemed to be a weird place to put the hook in.
However, for Milo,
there must be some kind of reasons or meanings to keep the hook there.
It has been amazing and pretty fun to see that
Milo has had his thoughts and meanings behind his actions.

mostly Milo still moves before he thinks
just like this...

Go, smart boy!

Let's get dirty!

Portland has been wet recently,
but Lucius and Milo doesn't care!

Those two were so wet and dirty.
However, as long as they had fun,
their mamas were happy.