Thursday, March 31, 2016

playdate with Aki

It had been for a while since we visited Aki's house,
and Milo totally missed him and is sweet house...
So, today, we visited his house and played with him!

Aki and Aaron made this amazing rocket play structure.

Of corse, Milo loved it,

and so did keen.

Then, we walked to the park to play more.
It was the part of their "ninja training" and
they took off their shoes and walked barefoot to the park.

We brought the stroller for keen, but of course, this happened at the end.

Well, Keena liked walking on her foot though.

shared baby sitter

Today, Keena started the shared baby sitting experience.
While Milo goes to school with his friend Obin,
his sister will be babysat with Keena.

Keena was crying a lot when Yuri dropped her off.
However, when she picked her up, 
she was happy playing!

Keena is usually hanging out with Milo's friends,
but we hope that Keena and Mae will build their friendship
and grow up tother.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

tryon walk

It was a beautiful spring-like day.

This was a green monster trying to eat Yuri with his big green teeth.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Sunday, March 27, 2016

tooth paste

Both Keena and Milo love this toothpaste to EAT!

Happy Easter

It was supposed to rain on Easter,
and Yuri though Easter Bunny will not have time to get some treasures.
However, it got a bit of sunny moments,
and Milo and Keena were too excited for their Easter Bunny to ignore their feeling.
(especially because Milo was checking outside
to see if the bunny came every 10 minutes...)

Then, while the kids were eating their lunch with baba
and Yuri was cleaning the kitchen by herself,
Easter Bunny came to our house!!

Keenan and Milo ran outside to find some treasures.

Milo was so sweet and shared some treasures with baba and Keena.

Yay, they got lots of amazing treasures.
(These were for sure the treasures from the bunny,
because the egg has the bunny face! Ha!!)

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Darya's birthday party and egg hunt

Today we were invited to Darya's birthday party.
After the kids running around and playing a lot,

they were kicked out from the house...

for the egg hunt!

Keenan and Milo found some treasures.

Look at how much Gus found.

Then, they enjoyed the birthday cake.

And with the help of some sugar boost,
Milo got more energy to be wilder.

lego boy

Thursday, March 24, 2016

westmoreland park

This place is always so fun.

Milo made some fishing buddies

and Keena made a new friend too.

Charlie's visit

Charlie cama to visit us from Alaska.
Yuri was cleaning the house before his arrival.
When she turned around, this was her view...

and this.

However, the kids' intention was not making a mess,
but they wanted to decorate the house with flowers for our guest.

Well, they love Charlie, and they were all over him,


Saturday, March 19, 2016

playing in the yard with baba

Milo and Keena did lots of activities with baba today.

Wow, how long is it!?

They made the scare crow and

the medicine wheel.

They dig the whole

and hummers some nails.

All kids of fun stuff!