Sunday, May 31, 2015

two little gnomes

During our walk at Maricari, 

we did some photo shooting for Moke Knit in the woods.

Both Keena and Milo looked like the little grorms.

Yes, we love our 3 kids so much!

hike with Elba and Jon

Through our neigborhood,

we went to a walk to Maricara.

We did hide and seek.

Milo acted like a policeman and tried to catch Elba.

Milo get her,
she looked pretty suspicious!

Our K9 was so lazy...

Then at the end Jon, acted like an old man, tried to catch Milo too.


our little Robinhood

Saturday, May 30, 2015

BBQ and Fire!

Elba and Jon came to visit us from Seattle,
so we had a BBQ

and campfire.
(Yes, we dug a hole in our yard...)

We laughed so much all night long.

madam Keena

moke knit photos

1st moke knit photo shooting.
Zoomed up versions.

rock climber

Thursday, May 28, 2015

moke knit hat

Keena and Milo will be modeling 
for these cute hat "moke knit hat" for Japanese clothing bland.
We will do some photo shoots (by Yuri, though) for the next couple of weeks
in several different locations/scenes.

We will see how that goes.


One was happy, the other was not so much...

putting on

Keena loves putting on (or at least trying to put on) clothes on her own.
Today Milo got some of Milo's laundry and tried to wear it.

She looked so happy and being proud of herself.

Monday, May 25, 2015

fishing in Molalla

We went to Molalla for fishing

 and playing in the river.

Of course, it did not take a long time for Milo and Keena to get soaking wet.


We played with the rocks

and Milo made those lunch for his mama.

Silas sucked the rocks too
but we had no idea why he was posing like this...

Oh well, it's Silas :) 

It was our another good adventure trip!