Tuesday, June 30, 2015

a hole in the tent

When Phil and Yuri were cooking the dinner,
and Carolyn and Silas were out swimming in the river, 
Sito and Milo were playing around their tent.
They seemed to have lots of fun and were laughing and giggling.
Then Yuri saw Milo walking toward to our tent 
holding a big plastic tent stake in his hand.
Yuri siad to him "what you are thinking right now is not funny at all, so don't do it."
However, the next thing she saw was 
Milo swung the tent stake and poked a big hole in our tent door.

Yuri was too shocked to speak and saw Phil's face.
After a couple second of silence, Phil said "Oh shit!" and dashed to their tent.
Their tent had 9 holes and it was basically shredded.

Now Yuri and Phil were too shocked to speak,
and Carolyn and Silas joined them.
Who has ever though to stab their tent??
(especially when 1000 mosquitos were flying around)
Are they enjoying doing "something bad"?

Why why why?

After we talked to both Sito and Milo...
we found out that they just wanted to get more air in the tents...
Since it was so hot, really hot air was trapped in the tents.
They thought it would be great if they made lots of holes to help ventilation.
It was not their mischief but they tried to "solve" the problem.


It was not OK to do stuff soon after somebody told not too,
but Milo might have fell into simple peer pressure.

At the end, they did not have any negative thoughts behind their action.
Phil and Carolyn lost their tent and Silas and Yuri had to repair their tent,
but they both got sweet boys who tried to "save" their tents.

At least, that's what the parents think,
the parents who adore their children.

Nehalem Camping day 2 - hanging out with our friends

While we were having fun in the water,

The Ultimate family showed up.

Milo was so stoked to camp with his friend.

They practiced roasting apples for the night.

Oh wait!!!
What are you doing??

Yes, you were busted.

We moved to the bigger campsite, so we were able to have the hammocks too.

After more play in the water

and at the campsite,

we set up for a dinner.

Oh yum yum.

Dinner always becomes better
when we have it with our good friends

especially outside!

Nehalem Camping day 2 - morning

Good morning.

While Yuri, Milo and Keena were cuddling and playing in the tent in the morning,
Silas was picking lot of thimbleberries.

Then, he made a gluten and sugar free biscuit with the thimbleberries and banana.

Once it was baked,

he made the sauce too.

Wow!  Look at this!!

It was delicious:)

Keena painted her table with het carrot sauce though :(

Happy meal, happy family!

It's time to play more, isn't it?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Nehalem Camping day 1 - facial expression

Keenan has been pretty goofy and had so many facial expressions.

Oh, not that one...

Nehalem Camping day 1 - river fun

As always, we came back to this place!

We did not forget packing this pink drainer Milo had found here long time ago.

to catch some crawfishes.

Silas showed Milo how to grab it,

and how to play with it.

Yay, Milo.

Did Keena like it?

Not really!?

We played in the water,

chilled at the river side

and fished some.

Then we went back to our campsite,

and enjoyed our time in the wood.

It was not quiet one, though.