Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Milo is ready to go a picnic!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Rouge River Hike - Day5

Day 5: camping and fishing on Coquille River

After the long hike, we camped along Coquille River for one more night.
Unfortunately, the next day was raining,
so Milo and Yuri were hanging out in the tent.

While Milo was tasting his breakfast carefully,

Silas was catching our dinner!

Then we stopped by some other fishing spots

and came home...

Our wonderful trip was over, 
but as you know...
our summer adventure season was just started!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rouge River Hike - Day4

Day 4: 14 miles hike from the Paradise Lodge to our car

We walked and walked

and walked and walked

and walked and walked,

and walked and walked.

Then, we took a break.

And, we walked and walked

and walked and walked.

About 5 hours later...
finally, we made it back!
Our car was at the end of this field.

The hike was fantastic.
We were more than happy to be in beautiful nature with a great group of people.
Also, one of the best thing was that we could get the feeling of achievement
and we could know that we could still do what we have loved even with Milo.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rouge River Hike - Day3.5

We came back to the Paradise Lodge.

It was such a hot and gorgeous day,
a perfect day for both playing hard and relaxing in the beautiful property.

We went to the river side to relax.

We had a glass of wine and snacks at the deck.

Milo hung out with cows.
(Milo said "mooooo mooooo" to them.)

Milo acted like a big boy and played disc golf.

He was over it after 2 holes, though.

How often we could play disc golf in the field with the cows?

And they were drinking more big boy beverages.

Then, our night was over after we hung out with these friends.

Rouge River Hike - Day3

Day 3: 4 miles hike from the Marial Lodge to the Paradise Lodge

It was an easy hike again, but our day won't start without a good breakfast.

Ok, let's start walking!
This was the group photo of the hikers and 2 black ninjas.

Milo was such a happy hiker
(although he did not "hike".)

This was what Milo was doing in his carrier...

1) pulling papa's hair

2) hitting papa's head with the mirror

3) eating his bling bling peace symbol

This was the famous rapid spot.

So we decided to get closer and have a break

Then, again..  we got back on the trail

and Milo fell into a sleep again.