Sunday, March 31, 2013

1st pool of the year


As I mentioned in the older post, 
Milo was invited to an Ester party from Mother Earth school people.
The place was in Aki's neighborhood, 
so Aki and Mil walked their with their baskets.

We sang songs together and appreciated spring arrival,

and made wishes with holding a magnolia flower petal.

Then, it's time to find some treasures in the yard!

Milo found this "treasure," which was not meant to be a treasure...

He found this kitty too and tried to put in his basket.

He missed it though.

Yey, he got a basket (almost) full of treasures.

He really enjoyed this Easter event and spring sunshine.

Then we had an amazing potluck lunch,

under the sakura tree.

For Japanese people, it is tradition to have a picknic 
under the sakura tree (we call it "hanami") in spring.
So we could experience both Japanese and American spring celebration at the same time!

It was the perfect Easter we could have.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring is here!

We finally had a day at the temperature of over 70 degree here in Portland!
Milo and his mama took an advantage of the weather and went to a hike.

Milo found some butterflies flying over him
and told his mama about it.

Being in the wood with Milo made his mama's day!

Milo loved watching the river
and climbed up the bridge without his mama's help.

mama's shoes

He has had a weird habit lately.
Every time we goes out he claims the shoes Yuri is wearing as his shoes
and he tells her to take them off.
Then he has to walk around in her shoes.

Then this happens...

and he realizes they are too big for him.
Yes, it is kinds pain in the butt, but usually letting him try those shoes on
is quicker than trying to convince him by words and making him fussy... 

Friday, March 29, 2013


This morning, Milo was acting like a mother...
washing dishes with giving a piggyback.
(Milo asked Yuri to put his "babies" in his hoody so that he could give them a piggyback)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter treasures

Milo was invited to an Easter party held by Mother Earth school people,
and each family has to bring some natural/handmade "treasures" for their egg hunting.
Therefore, Yuri made some mint buttons (with real mints)
and bunny buttons.

Easter bunny had better appreciate her help ;-)

Play house

Milo enjoyed playing in the outdoor play house in Aki's yard.

Soon after I took the following photo, Milo kept walking to his right...
Guess what happened...


lunch time

Milo's lunch on the left, Aki's lunch on the right.
What a health eaters.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Milo gave knocks to Kip.

self portrait

my little helper

Lately Milo has wanted to help his mama all the time.
Today, Yuri was going to water her entrance, 
but of course Milo wanted to do.
What a good boy, right?

Although it ended up like this...

burger boy

Milo found his old costume in his closet.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yuri's daycare

Today Yuri watched Milo and Aki alone, 
and here is her activity report:

1) Art and Craft
We drew some pictures and made some buttons out of them.

2) Baking
We made coconuts orange scones.
Aki and Milo took turns and measured all ingrediants.

They mixed all ingredients together,

and kneaded them.

Then they threw the dough onto the tray and smashed them.
(I had to reshape some of them)


3) Outdoor activities
I put Aki in the stroller, Milo in the backpack carrier, and Kip on the leash
and took all of them to Maricara park.
It was sprinkling, but they did not care and took off to the wildness!

They said "Cheese".

Not many captures were needed in the woods.