Wednesday, October 31, 2012

bye bye Tokyo

Silas finished his filming in Tokyo successfully,
now our vacation started.
We will head to Kyoto tomorrow.

hop step and jump

Since it was halloween, Milo changed to his skeleton pj and we went to a dinner party.
Milo loved jumping  stone to stone.

oh really?

We saw so many Japanese signs with weird English translation, 
but this could be the worst one!

Inogashira park and Ghibli Museum

We took a train to get Kichijoji to go Inogashira park and Ghibli museum again.

Of corse, Milo made a mess on the train too...

We love this park!
Inogashira Park is easily accessible from the central Tokyo area
but it is such a beautiful sanctuary!

We went back the Ghibli museum with Max.

The best part of the museum was that kids could play in/on the "neko bus" (from Totoro).
Milo enjoyed jumping into the bus through the windows and laying down in the bus.
We wish we could take the photos...

Then we walked to Toho bakery to get those panda cream bread.
They were the best!!!!!!!

Happy Halloween from Japan

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We went to visit "Sensoji" in Asakusa.

Milo did not want to have his photo taken with his mama...

He wanted to...

run around with Max and explore.

Somehow, this tourist guy was taking Milo's photo and Milo was posing for him...

Asakusa is Yuri's favorite spots to visit.
However with two wild toddles, it was really hard to have a quite zen moment there.
It was nice to see them running around and having fun though.

2 different views

According to this view...
 Lindsay was having a zen moment, looking at some statues with two kids.

According to the front view...
Lindsay was pretty frustrated with Max who had a major melt down..

Milo's favorite spot

Milo loved hanging out at Shibuya skate park 
because he could see his two favorite things there...
Many trains and skateboarding!

Monday, October 29, 2012

no more monkeys jumping on the bed

because those two occupied it!

mama shopping

We went to a big baby/kids store with those mamas.

Kids played in the store

and they shopped A LOT!

Max vs Milo

After all of this, Max bit Milo when he put his finger in Max's mouth...

Whose fault was it!?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

hotel life

Our 11 days hotel life was started.
In tokyo, we stayed at Cerulean in Shibuya with this view.

At the hotel...
He ate yogurt (a lot)

and played at the bathroom.

He woke up with this view again,

ate more yogurt,

took a bath in a big bathtub,

and went to bed with this view again.

He seemed to like staying there.