Wednesday, December 31, 2014

count down

We booked an airbnb close to Lincoln City and decided to stay there for a night.
We were excited to do family count down

everybody was sleeping...
(actually, Silas was so sick because of stomack flu or food poison or something like that..)

Oh wait!

not her!

So, Yuri did the count down with Keena...

last meal

Look at those two!

and her.

New Year's Eve tradition

On New Year's eve,
we said bye to the last sun of the year
and hello to the last moon of the year.

Our favorite family traditon.

last sunset

The last sunset of the year gave us warm beautiful light...

Milo played in the puddle and got wet

It's too late to dry out by sun


Ohhhhh, the sun was setting.

Then, hello moon.

Playing with kids, dog and sun

We were going to take some family silhouette photos,

but it ended up taking the some cool photos of Kip the wonder dog.
He is the best!


On the beach, Milo drew his first "M"

Nestucca Beach

It's New Year's Eve,
the time to go to beach!

Yuri loves going to winter beaches.

In winter, there are less people on the beach,
so you can feel like that you are at a private beach.

And the cold air you touch while being in a warm jacket and blanket
and warmth from sun make her simply happy and peaceful.

Yuri loves New Year's Eve.
For her, New Year's Eve is always filled with the feeling of achievement 
(no matter what she has done in the year)
and excitement for the new year.

Many Japanese people believe that if you pray at the fist sunrise of the new year,
the year will be great and your dream comes true.
In Oregon, we cannot see the sunrise,
so instead, she wanted to thank to the last sunset.

Because of all of that, why not spending the New Year's Eve at the beach, right?
Last couple of years, we could not do so due to the bad weather,
but this year seemed to be perfect.
So we did.

And it was amazing.

Monday, December 29, 2014

oaks bottom

It was pretty cold but air was crisp and the view was beautiful

the face

of "yes, I just woke up..."

Saturday, December 27, 2014

those two...

looked so much alike
(especially when they were watching the snowboard video)

Don't you think so?