Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oaks Park

Today was "Chipper's Preschool Rides Day" at Oaks park:
children could get cheap pass and their parents are free for 2 hours in the morning!

Therefore, Milo went there with Lucius and Aki.
They could enjoy so many rides with other children
(there were only children 6 and younger). 

Of course, they liked the airplane rides.

We wished there were no guns on this machine, though...

Aki looked so professional!

Hot air balloon ride was fun too.

Boat too!

However, by far, this was Milo's most favorite ride!!!!

He loved it.

The cute part was all kids (and adults) had to do "arms up!"
at the beginning and the end of the ride.

Milo tried again.
Look at his face.
He enjoyed it more than anybody!!!!

After these special hours, there was a story time by Chipper.
They sang songs and danced together.

After all the fun, we took some silly photos and let the park.

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