Monday, April 21, 2014

Egg hunt

This morning, Silas received a phone call from Easter bunny.
The bunny said he hid some easter eggs as well as some gifts for Milo today.
Easter was yesterday, but he knew Milo went snowboarding
and he postponed the Baxter-Neal's egg hunt to today.

Obviously, Milo was so excited!!!!!
(he was excited too much for Yuri to be able to dress him only partially)

Our little bunny was not so much…

Milo ran to the backyard as fast as he could

and started hunting some treasures.

Our bunny helped a little bit too.

He was good at finding the treasures all over the yard.

He continued searching for more treasures, finding them, and putting them into his basket.

His basket became so full.

After Milo found all Easter eggs and treasures,

he called Easter bunny and said "thank you."

Wow, how cute was that!!!!!!
(both of our kids :)

At home, Milo started opening the treasures he found.

He was happy with all stuff he found and appreciated Easter bunny a lot.

He was even so happy to receive his own toys which Easter bunny accidentally hid.
(he said "oh, this is mine…  Silly Easter bunny!")

At the end, Milo got lots of Easter eggs (which he dyed on his own),
his own toys (which the bunny hid), and some fruits.
(no candy, no new toys…)
However, he was the happiest boy in the world. - At least, he acted like that.

And that made his parents so so so happy,
and they felt very special to have Milo as their son who has such a pure heart.
Happy (belated) Easter!
Happy Spring!!

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