Thursday, May 12, 2016

Away Days video premier

Yuri took a flight without the kids, and arrived at LA.
This was my first night away from both of th kids

for this!!!

She wanted to celebrate Silas's great accomplishment.

Right before the premier, this arrived in LA too.
This has 3.5 years of hard works of everybody...

People who had had lots of being away from their family,
were not only the riders...
A big hight five to Matt.

Here we come.
Look at all those people.

It's the party time.

And the show was started!

Oh wait!!!!!!!!

Two legends on the stage.

Then they welcomed all the ridders!

Oh my goodness, there were a lot!


The words cannot express how much we were proud of those guys.

And we ran into our old friend.

At the end...the video was amazing and I was so proud of Silas and all other people
who dedicated their last 3 years into this!
Good job, Silas.

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