Thursday, March 10, 2011

2 Babies + 2 Papas

This is Milo's friend, Lucius and his Papa Caleb.
They had a quite interesting conversation together. 

Lucius: Hey Milo. Did you try the cupcakes over there? Let's go to get them.
Milo: Hold on. I am playing "red light green light" now.
Lucius: Our mammas have had 3 already, so they should be yummy.
Milo: Wahhhhhhhh, I lost. I was on the red light!
Lucius: Booooooring...
Milo: Don't move, don't move. I am on red light...

Lucius: Picture time!
Milo: Ahhhhhhh, Green light green light!!!!!!!!!

We cannot wait to go camping together in this summer, Lucius!

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