Thursday, March 17, 2011

ehon - picture books

We received a package covered with lots of Japanese stamps. (Cool idea!)
It was from Yuri's aunt Teruko. Ok, this is the story behind this package...
Anti Teruko sent a mission to her husband, Matsuo (Yuri's uncle), and her 2 daughters, Chinatsu and Yuko (Yuri's cousins). The mission was that each of them should get one picture book, which is their "this-is-it book for Milo". Once Teruko had received all books from them, she put them in a package and mailed to us. Each of them do not know which books other people sent, so let me show you what Milo received from them.

These are Matsuo's selections:

"Garagara Don!"

These are Teruko's selections:

The fabric book, which Milo can play with.

These are Chinatsu's selections:
"Onigiri Book" - How to make rice balls.

These are Yuko's selections:
"Hide and Seek - Animals" - Milo (and Silas) can learn the animals' names
both in Japanese and English.

They are all great books, and we have already started reading them to Milo.
Thank you for all of you to have ignored the original mission and sent us more than one books.
Yes, you are not an only cheater! All of you are!!
Thank you so much!!!

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