Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yuri's daycare

Today Yuri watched Milo and Aki alone, 
and here is her activity report:

1) Art and Craft
We drew some pictures and made some buttons out of them.

2) Baking
We made coconuts orange scones.
Aki and Milo took turns and measured all ingrediants.

They mixed all ingredients together,

and kneaded them.

Then they threw the dough onto the tray and smashed them.
(I had to reshape some of them)


3) Outdoor activities
I put Aki in the stroller, Milo in the backpack carrier, and Kip on the leash
and took all of them to Maricara park.
It was sprinkling, but they did not care and took off to the wildness!

They said "Cheese".

Not many captures were needed in the woods.

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