Sunday, March 31, 2013


As I mentioned in the older post, 
Milo was invited to an Ester party from Mother Earth school people.
The place was in Aki's neighborhood, 
so Aki and Mil walked their with their baskets.

We sang songs together and appreciated spring arrival,

and made wishes with holding a magnolia flower petal.

Then, it's time to find some treasures in the yard!

Milo found this "treasure," which was not meant to be a treasure...

He found this kitty too and tried to put in his basket.

He missed it though.

Yey, he got a basket (almost) full of treasures.

He really enjoyed this Easter event and spring sunshine.

Then we had an amazing potluck lunch,

under the sakura tree.

For Japanese people, it is tradition to have a picknic 
under the sakura tree (we call it "hanami") in spring.
So we could experience both Japanese and American spring celebration at the same time!

It was the perfect Easter we could have.

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