Tuesday, September 29, 2015

birthday hike

Today was Yuri's birthday, but she had gotten stomach flue 
and been so sick until this morning.
Silas was out of town until last night, and she barely survived with two children.
However, she was being so optimistic, 
and she though this sickness meant to be happen
as a cleanse/detox before her new year
especially because yesterday was super moon/blue moon/eclipse.

This morning, she finally started feeling "fine" and decided to go a long walk in the wood.
She was originally planned to go a mountain climbing like hiking,
but due to her weaken body, she decided to go a mellower hike.

When she was packing her backpack, being ready to go out,
she saw Milo rushed to the bathroom
and threw up.
Oh yeah... we can get over a sickness when we pass it to somebody else!

She canceled out her hike,
and wen to a short easy birthday walk with Kip
while Milo was sleeping.

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