Friday, September 4, 2015

visiting Foster

We visited Foster'd house to meet up with him, Brian and Cali.

It was such a beautiful day

to be at the top of the world!

Milo and Silas were so happy play here.
I mean...  who won't be!?

And of course, his tree house was just so so stunning!!


Skating, talking and snacking.

Keena was skating there too.

She tried at least.

Yey Silas!

All day long, we could enjoy the 360 degree view from the top of the hill.
We could see that the sky turned into different shade of blue,
some places had rain, the cloud changed their shapes and kept moving.
We were so glad to see them and super happy to be able to show them to Milo.
We were such a small being in the huge nature,
and nothing actually matters so much.

From the tree house, we felt like the 
sky walkers.

When we hung out with good friends at the beautiful place,
we could definitely say that our day was great!

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