Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beach Trip

When we woke up yesterday,
it was such a beautiful winter day.

we packed our snacks and drove to the beach in Lincoln City.
Yes, we are so lucky that our life is pretty unfettered.

Milo loved crawling on the sand and chased after Kippie.

But Kippie was very fast
and Milo got a little slowed down...
and he had to take a little rest.
He played so hard at the beach
and got dirty!
He played with seaweed
and practiced walking on the sand.

Here are some photos of
"Papa + Son" moments:

and "Mama + Son" moments:

We watched the sunset

Kippie played hard too.

This day trip was exactly what we needed
and recharged our batteries.
Thank you, ocean.

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