Thursday, December 29, 2011

Milo's 1st Flight

In the super early morning of Dec 29,
we headed to the PDX to catch our flight to go to Japan.
This was Milo's first experience flying,
so his parents were pretty nervous about how he would act
especially because Milo had been way too wild...

Here is Milo's 1st airplane ticket:
He was so hyper around the gate, running around,
and checking every single passenger.
Silas was chasing after Milo.
Milo wanted to cruise around more.
This was still 6 am...
Silas looked so exhausted already...
After taking a short flight from Portland to Seattle,
we got a 5 hour layover in Seattle.
Milo started running again...
and Silas was after him...
At the moment, these were what Milo's parents were thinking:
"Oh my god, what's he gonna do on the airplane...?
Will he be fussy and freaking out in the limited space?
Do we have to walk the aisle with him over and over?"

Milo was such an amazing boy on the flight!!!

He learned all the airplane safety features.
He enjoyed listening to some music.
He played on the floor.
(We got 5 empty seats in a row, so Milo got a big instant play area!)
Milo sat in his seat happily,
and enjoyed his meal.
He took a nap...
What a nice boy!
Hey Japan,
we will be there soon :)

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