Friday, December 9, 2011

OMSI return

We did not know before, but OMSI has the kids play section
where kids can run around and experience science through playing
or... it is simply a place kids can have lots of fun!
Saori and Lucius took us there and Milo really enjoyed it.

Milo stared at the fish tank,
rang the bells
tried to catch the ball up in the air
, and tried to build train tracks.
Milo moved to the water area.
He played in the apron :-)
Lucius got so wet!
Milo went to the bathroom and played with water more.
Lucius and Milo played at the infant section
,which had lots of balls and soft foam blocks.
Lucius chased after Milo
and Milo chased after Lucius
They played really hard
and got tired...
This place was amazing
and we were glad to find such a nice place we can come on rainy days.

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