Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday!

January 13 was Milo's 1st Birthday,
so we decided to have a small but warm family birthday party for him.

We had a "hand roll sushi" party
prepared by these Kawano ladies.

Milo woke up Yamane,

and Toshi jiji.

And he dressed up...

It's party time!

But what did we do?
We ate a lot and played a lot!!

In Japan, it is common to celebrate babies' 1st birthday with "1 sho mochi."
"1 sho" is old volume metric (about 2kg/4.4lb), and "Mochi" is rice cake.

At the 1st birthday,
parents wrap "1 sho mochi" into a "Furoshiki" (a cloth wrap),
and tie it onto their babies back and make them to carry.

I know, I know...
it is pretty heavy and usually babies cry...

However, we do this ceremony with the wish of a baby's life time of health, happiness
and good luck; a life time of never having to go hungry.

we followed the tradition.

Milo followed the tradition as well by crying...

OK, please don't cry...
Let's eat some deserts!

Silas made this pie for adult people.

Yuri made this plate for Milo.
Due to his diet, she had to use limited ingredients.

Happy Birthday Milo!
Happy Birthday Silas and Yuri!
We all made it as a team!!!

Did Milo like eating the cake?
At least he enjoyed destroying it.

Now, open the presents!!

Thank you everyone for your support during this last a year.


Thank you for choosing us as your parents,
and thank you for growing healthy and strong.
You are the best gift we have ever received,
and your smile has brightened our lives.
We have learned a lot from you,
and let's keep growing up together!
Happy Birthday.

with Love from Silas & Yuri

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