Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ohayo Fuji san

Literally, we stayed at the best room in the ryokan
(thank you Toshi jiji!)
and our room had the private outdoor bath tub
with this view of Mt. Fuji.

So, we woke up a little earlier to enjoy seeing the sunrise over Mt. Fuji.
The surface of the lake was still enough
to see the gorgeous reflection of Mt. Fuji.
The part of the lake was frozen, and everything looked mystical and fantastic.

However, Milo was a little bummed by being waken up...
still bummed...
Might as well,
Silas decided to take advantage of this room as much as possible
by taking a morning bath.

How luxurious it was...

Milo joined the lux moment.

Men's bonding time...

Good morning, Mt. Fuji

Ohayo, Fuji san

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