Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wakasagi Fishing

On day 2 of our family trip,
we went to Lake Yamanaka
for Wakasagi (lake smelt fish) fishing.
It was pretty interesting fishing experience...
We fished from this "Dome Boat" (that's how it was called.)

The boat had some holes on its floor,
and we fished through them
while we stayed inside, warm and cozy.

Yay, Silas caugh the 1st one.

Yes, the smelt fish is so so tiny!

Because of the safety reason,
we had to take turns to watch our babies.

But it was actually quite fun
to just hang out...

and to look at those people who fished super seriously.


Taka spent 2 hours to catch this little guy...

Yuri got one too.

Time passed...
Nothing happened for a while...

Toshi jiji started to complain about not catching...
Look at yamane,
how relaxed and stress free he was ;)

At the end, Jun caught the most amount of fishes.
Good job.
This was all we got as a family,
although we expected to catch about 50-80 fishes

It was so fun though :)

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