Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Tree

Finally, we went back to Trenholm Tree Farm in St. Helens
for Christmas Tree cutting.

As always, we took a while to try to find a perfect tree for us.

When we liked a tree, we "marked" it with some of our stuff.
(Milo did not like to share his belongings with any trees  though)

Milo kicked the stumps

and fell down so many times.
Therefore, (of course and as usual) he got super dirty! 

After more search, we found "the one."

Silas cut it.

Milo helped too.

Yeah, we got it!

After we got our tree, Jasper gave us a tractor ride.

Of course, Milo loved it.

At home, Milo really enjoyed putting some ornaments on the tree he cut.

He did pretty good job.

We need more lights around the bottom,
but it looks pretty good, we think.

Our Christmas has been more joyful after Milo was born,
and it is getting more and more each year.

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