Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

As our Christmas Eve tradition,
we went to Eugene for a potluck at Baba Rita's house.
But before we headed there...
Milo and his Papa made a pie together.

The Baxter sisters were cozy on the couch and so happy that Susie could visit us again

It's so nice to spend time with all of these lovely people 

Baba had a new toy for milo to play with,
 and he would not put it down all night.
It was a police car with buttons, one button made a siren noise,
one button made it go forward and one button made Rasta sounding party music,
so we called it the party police car!

Manitou found a friend at the party....

Milo took off his sweater and shirt,
and showed off his muscles.

We opened some presents, and all the boys got fun toys and books.

August had so much fun playing with Kip and Susie,
 who kept smiling all night long even on the dog bed.

Fun times flew by, and it was time to go home.
 One last high five for susie...

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