Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Miracle!

Christmas Morning arrived, and our stockings were full!

And there were lots of presents beneath our tree
(It seemed that all of us have been such good boys and girls this year!!)

Milo was so excited about this Christmas miracle.

Everyone found great surprises in their stockings...

Even Kip!

Milo was more excited about Kip's toy, though.

We had a short break to eat some christmas fruit cake.
(thank you Sam!)

After Milo got a yogurt face,

it was time to open more presents

Silas was so serious building this fishing playmobil.

Milo got a Cypress wood fishing pole

A wheelbarrow just the right size for Milo to help out with the yard work
(and to deliver some present to his parents).

Baby Girl got a cute hat from GGMS that milo modeled for us.

Thank you Elba for the toddler control....
(for our "out of control" wild kid)

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