Thursday, December 25, 2014

gift gift gift...

If we were lucky and Milo slept all night on his bed,
he rushed to our bed soon after he woke up.
However, this morning, he woke up and called us, and there was a bit of silence
(I bet he was clearing his head...)
and noticed something and rushed to the Christmas tree.

He was so excited to open the presents...

Keena got her first stuff full of the stocking.

Baby food!

Milo got so many stuff too.
(Apparently, his most favorite thing was a honey stick:)

Kip "smelled" his stuff too.

And Milo found this.


Keena got this.

Did she know how to use it?

not quite...
Don't eat it, Keena.

All of us got each pillow.

Milo wraped some gifts for Keena.

Some of his toys.

Don't eat it Keena.

We had decided to have a gift-free Christmas this year, though...

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