Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Milo's quotes

Milo has been talking no stop.
Sometime, he said the funnies, sweetest, smartest things
and impressed his parents or cracked them up.
Here are some of his quotes:

Yuri: "Milo you are shoes are wrong way."
Milo: "They are not!"
Milo walked away and came back...
Milo: "I think these shoes are too small because my toes are touching!"

Milo: "Mama, I will protect you when sun is hot."

<In the morning>
Milo: "Mama, I woke up for you.  Now Keena is awake too. 
So many happy faces here."

Milo: "What can we say that in Portland?"
(He calls English Portland.)

<Mama's prononciation>
Yuri: "Do you like some fry?"
Milo: "Is that fry to eat or fly to buzz?"

Milo: "I like New Zealand nori(Seaweed)"
(pointing Korean nori)

<4 years old>
Milo: "When I turns 4, I can do everything by myself!"
Yuri: "Like what?"
Milo: "I can wipe my butt after poop, 
and I will tell everybody I am 4 at my school!"

When Milo found a worm on the street, he picked it up and placed it on dirt.
Milo: "It will dry out.  A worm needs a warm and cozy house."

Milo  "I love you triple sky and double star all mixed up."

Yuri: "Do you know what santa will bring to you?  Maybe some small rocks?!"
Milo: "No!  Silly mama!! Santa won't bring small rocks 
because they are too small for Keena and dangerous."

Next day...
Milo: Mama, please put a note saying 'santa, please wash the rocks
 because Keena might put them in her mouth.  And please bring only big ones."

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