Friday, December 19, 2014

Advent spiral walk

We wen to Jean's Farm to join Milo's school Advent walk.
On the winter solstice, we celebrated the rebirth of our lights 
in four parts of world: mineral kingdom, plants, animals, and human beings.

It was really sweet to see Milo was so engaged in the school activities with his friends.

The spiral walk was so amazing and touching.
First Mr. Trent walked along the spiral and lit the center candle.
Then, each kid walked by themselves to the center,
lit their candle (in their apple) and placed it somewhere in the spiral while they walked back.
It was just so peaceful.
Started in super dark.
The more kids went, the brighter the room got. 
At the end, we were filled with such a warm light and happy kids. 

Then, we all walked back to the car through the woods.

Today, we definitely felt that Milo had grown.

As his parents, it was a special evening.

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