Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween walk at Jean's farm

This vegg & fruits family

and this mushroom family joined Jean's Farm Halloween walk.

The mushroom boy and the apple tree holding hands.

Mama+baby mushrooms.

The asparagus holding the apple.

This year's theme was all about acorn,
and we learned how to eat acorn through many creatures and people.
First we got some acorns from the squirrel.

The we smashed them with some rocks

and ground them.

The apple tree and the mushroom paid attention on the instruction.

The asparagus was a good listener too.

So they received some gifts.

Next we saw how to mix the acorn mill with water.

At the end, the naughty chef shared his acorn muffins with us.

It was pretty yummy.

The walk was fun and they enjoyed it.

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