Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween walk

We picked Eastmoreland are as our trick or treat destination,
and me up with our friends around Joel's house.
And it ended up hanging out at his house for a while...

the boys answering the door and passing along the candies,

this scary guy made the apple cry,
(I would cry too!)

this asparagus was relaxing and acting like it was his house,

and the apple tried to run away.

After fun chaos,
we left Joel's house and went to the trick or treat.

This year, the boys totally knew what they were doing and visited houses one after another.

We all had fun!

This house was crazy and kinda too much for us.
So we decided to make a uturn to Joel's to have a dinner:)

By the way...
These photos came out pretty funny:

1) Aki being camouflaged

2) Lucius's airplane had jet

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