Monday, October 27, 2014

pumpkin patch again

We all got in the mini van and headed to...

Pumpkin Patch!

First, we got on the line to do the hayride.

Ok, let's pick pumpkins!

It was really muddy, but still the contrast of all colors was just so beautiful.
Of corse, we took lots of photos:)

We tried to take some photos with all the children,
but this was what happened...

Yamane and Milo had a hard time to "share"Tamaki
(Keena did not care anything...)

She was just playing alone , being happy.

After we moved Milo, and the boys had a hard time to share the pumpkin...

The ending...

Well, anyway we got some pumpkins and got back on the hay track again.

Then, we had the best cow train ride on the mud!!!!!

Yes, the boys fought and we got wet,
but at the end,
they love each other and we saw this beautiful sky.

We had a good day.

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