Thursday, February 12, 2015

1sho mochi

We did this on Milo's 1st birthday, 
but there is one traditional ceremony people do on their kids 1st birthday.
Popele celebrate their kids 1st birthday with "1 sho mochi."
"1 sho" is old volume metric (about 2kg/4.4lb), and "mocha" is rice cake.

On their 1st birthday, parents warp "1 who mocha" in to a cloth wrap,
and tie it onto their babies back and make them to carry around.
They do this ceremony with their wishes of 
their babies' life time health, happiness, good luck,
and a life time of never having troubles of searching food.

However, it is really really heavy for the baby who just turned 1...

She did not like it
as we had all expected.

Then, her sweet older brother did that for her:)

Thank you, Milo.

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