Monday, February 9, 2015

traveling to Japan

Here are some photos from our travel.
This was Keena's first time to be on the airplanes, 
you will see how it went!

<Portland airport>
Both Milo and Keena were excited to be at the airport

and enjoyed looking at lots of airplanes.

Keena was simply so happy

and cruised around all over.

Please keep the attitude on the airplane too...

Keenan's first flight.
<Portland to Vancouver Canada>

She was just so chill on mama's lap all the way.

Milo was such a good boy and enjoyed the view from his window.

<Vancouver airport>
Our first flight was short and easy, and we arrived in Canada.

The Vancouver airport was so cool, 
and we had a pretty fun layover.

<Canada to Japan>
Then... we tool the looooooong (over 10h) flight to Japan.
However, we got 6 seats for all of us, and Milo behaved pretty well like this:

Keenan did not sleep much and wanted to cruise around.

However, Silas and Yuri could take turns to watch both kids.

After Milo woke up and asked "are we there yet?" 102times...

we could see pretty amazing view of Japan.


<Tokyo Haneda airport>
Yay, we landed to Japan!!!!

Soon after we walked out from the customer area,
Milo was holding jiji and baba's hands

and enjoyed sushi!

But he was sure deserved it after the long day.
Hello Japan.

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