Sunday, February 15, 2015

birthday lunch

The biggest reason that we went back Japan
was to have a birthday party for
Yuri's Oba-chan's (grandmother) who turned 98 years old 
and Keena who turned 1 year old.

We had a nice birthday lunch and cerebrated their birthday.

First, the flower boys showed up as a surprise.

Happy Birthday Oba-chan.

Happy Birthday Keena.

All grate-grand children enjoyed playing together more than the lunch,

but it was so nice to see Oba-chan.

She is 98 years old, but she still has her own vegetable garden
and always gave us her home grown vegetables and home made fermented food etc.
She owns her bike shop, and she can still patch a tire.
The hardworking Oba-chan has such beautiful hands.

We were so happy that Keena was bon in the same day as this healthy and strong lady!

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