Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday

Feb 12 was Keena's first birthday, and we had a small family birthday.
Yuri made the bunny cake and the fruits cake.
Everything is baby-friendly ingredients,
and Milo helped her to decorate the fruits cake

Here is the birthday girl.

And here is her brother who turned 4 last month.

So, Yuri made those crowns for them,
but Keena was not so happy to keep it on her head...

So, Milo decided to "help us" by holding her,

but it did not work well...

At the end...

we got the happy birthday girl.

Thank you for your help anyway, Milo.
(who had been so into the maze book)

now is the time to take some family photos.

Of course, it was way too hard to take perfect photos,

and we just made our kids bored and tired.

So, we decided to just eat the cake.
We sang the song and Keena (and Milo) made their wishes.

How was the cake?

Keenan got some gifts from jiji.

Milo made the special card

and gave her some of his favorites toys.

Happy Happy Happy 

Your smile always make our days so bright.

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