Saturday, October 29, 2011

birthday party

We got invited to a birthday party on October 22nd
for a baby who was born on October 24th...

Here is...
Birthday Boy Lucius!
Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Saori, you did an amazing job for the last a year.
so, Happy 1st Anniversary as an amazing mom!!!

The party was held at the Caleb's office with lots of fun toys and delicious food.
Silas taught Milo how to blow the horn
Milo practiced over and over
and decided just to eat it...
Milo played so hard
and there
He chewed lots of the toys and decorations...
He seemed to enjoyed the party a lot.
At the party, there were Milo's friends too.
Here are some of them...

Aki chan
Aya chan
Ken chan
Ryu kun
Haru Kun
The Baxter-Neal's had such a relaxed and fun time there.
(did we relax too much!?)
Thank you for having us
and providing us such a comfortable party!

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