Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bolinas Beach

After the picnic at the tennis court, we move to the beach.

Milo loved playing in the sand.
Who doesn't, huh?
Of course, he ate the sand too...
Milo tried surfing.
He was watching the waves pretty seriously.
This board was long enough for those two to ride together.
They were way too cute.
Matt was a little jealous.
We put a blanket over the sand
and Silas and Milo were cuddling together.
By the way, on this day, there was a warning of a red tide,

which meant...
people had better keep children out of water!
Nice try, Lindsey!
Sepp wanted to go everywhere
and he wanted to jump off of everything.
Milo was just so happy to be there
He was exploring the beach
and found something...
A turtle!

We all enjoyed everything we did on that day.
Thank you...
Lindsey, Matt, and Max
Julia, Dennis, Sepp
and Rune
Heidi, Greg, Lulu, and little Sailor
Milo played a lot and slept pretty well...

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